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Should the University create a Relaxation Room?

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Name of proposer:

Lucas Lameiras


Idea Title:

Should the University create a Relaxation Room?


What the idea is about:

A room in the University where the students can take naps between classes. This would include low-profile ambient lights to improve relaxation, ocean sounds and lockers for the storage of backpacks. And additional idea is the inclusion of massage chairs or shiatsu professionals, with the last being charged separately.


Why have you proposed it?:

Sometimes the student can be really tired between lectures or simply need a short nap to recover their energy, and may not be able to get to and from their accommodation in time to make their next lecture. The Idea is low-cost and could even be a new form of revenue generation, as it could charge a small amount (like 50p) for each 30 minutes session. 



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