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Should the University have more microwaves in communal areas?

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Name of proposer:
Lauren Cowgill

What the idea is about:
More microwaves to be in the communal areas available across campus such as the Ziff Common Room, Lyddon Terrace Common Room, the airport lounge in the Worsley building and LUBS.

Why have you proposed it?:
Students should have the option to microwave food they have brought in themselves if they choose to do so. This is less of an option if there aren't sufficient microwaves to do so quickly, especially if students have a tight timetable. The areas mentioned above are used specifically by 1000 (approx) international students during the summer pre-sessional period and I am requesting this on behalf of these students.


Rahul Sinha Roy
5:02pm on 11 Mar 16 So true. I hate eating the cold lunch that I bring. Microwaves can really improve lunch experience for all who carry lunch from home.
Jingxue Hu
8:42am on 28 Sep 15 Totally agreed
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