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Should the university help overweight students to lose weight through reduced Edge Membership?

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What the idea is about:

I would like the University to support students who are overweight or obese (as on the BMI scale) to lose weight by offering a reduced gym membership and free weekend access to The Edge to encourage weight loss.  This would be on a programme that would be reviewed for individuals as they lost the weight and would result in an incremental pay scheme for individuals as they lose weight to eventually pay full price.  This would not be available for students who wanted to lose a few pounds but rather those who have or are at risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and heart attacks.


Why have you proposed it?

The Edge is more expensive than Leeds Beckett and the Council gym but for staff and students is the most accessible.  As a student myself who is trying to lose weight, I am reliant on other gyms to do this,  I also think that many people who need to lose a small amount of weigh do not understand the difficulty to do this when you have several stone to lose.


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