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Should there be more and functioning water fountains?

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What the idea is about:

I want there to be more water fountains around campus and those that are already there to work better.


Why have you proposed it?

Because I am often thirsty after attending an intellectually stimulating lecture / seminar.

Seriously though, often I find myself on campus with my own water bottle (as there is no bottled water on campus - which I believe to be great!) and really want to fill it up. I'd much rather fill it up at a water fountain than in the toilet.

Also I reckon more people would then drink water, bring their own bottles and avoid soft drinks.


Bhuvanesh Bharath Alwar Mariappan
10:36pm on 19 Sep 16 Totally agreed. more water fountains or sources of water outside of departments quite a necessity.
Konstantin Rybalcenko
4:15pm on 24 Jan 16 wouldn't it be better to be able to buy bottled water in our union shop?
Georgia Bennett
1:16pm on 25 Nov 15 Definitely agree it is overwhelmingly frustrating how little the fountains work around uni (especially Roger Stevens), a lack of them or how slow they are.
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