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Should we encourage more cycling?

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Name of proposer:

Benj Andrews


What the idea is about:

Sufficient secure cycle parking for engineering faculty


Why have you proposed it?:

To encourage cycling

To make cycling to university a better experience


At the moment it is hard to find a good place to park your bike. People have even started locking their bikes to trees! I think for students cycling is the most important form of transport, I won't bore you with the benefits. I’m sure you’re already aware of them. With Leeds falling behind many other UK cities in terms of cycling facilities I think the union can help increase the awareness and experience of cycling to university.


Sonya Morris
11:54am on 13 May 15 Yes we must encourage the students for sports. Many of the students are did not interest to do the sports activities but cycling is not a boring sports item. This is very helpful for the students and they can reduce the fat from their body. This post is very helpful for the students because the content is very informative. I want more info ( about the cycling. I will share this information to my colleagues and friends.
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