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Should we introduce a system where marks can be reviewed/challenged?

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Name of proposer:
Ryan Lockwood

Idea Title:
Should we introduce a system where marks can be reviewed/challenged?

What the idea is about:
I feel that I have been subject to incredibly negative and/or harsh marking on SOME of my assignments in my first semester at the University of Leeds. The feedback I receive has been nothing other than minimalistic in the way it is given, and when I asked if there was any possible way to have my assignment reviewed or re-marked, I was abruptly told that this was not possible and that I am stuck with that mark.

Why have you proposed it?:
I want this because I believe we should be subject to fair marking regulations, and it is my belief that markers are human and they make mistakes. They misinterpret essay points, and they have bad days, some of which I believe have negatively affected the marks that I have been given. I think a fair and efficient system to have marks reviewed should be introduced for those who have JUST cause for a remark - not just anyone who thinks their mark wasn't high enough. I firmly believe three or four of my assignments have been marked incorrectly or in a fashion which goes by the term 'negative marking'.


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