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Should we introduce an online book sale to reduce the cost of buying textbooks?

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What the idea is about:


An online booksale system for students to buy and sell textbooks necessary for their degree. The system would either be run centrally through a university payment method or provide students the opportunity to buy/sell directly to each other, allowing second hand books to be bought at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new.



Why have you proposed it?


The cost of textbooks is high - especially with multiple modules per academic year, and often the library is unable to provide enough copies for the number of students in need of specific course texts. Even with student grants, the cost of buying new textbooks is often excessive. By introducing this booksale system, all students would have access to the course texts they need at prices they can afford. This also allows students to free up space by selling their unneeded textbooks and make back money on their original purchase. 


Georgia Bennett
1:20pm on 25 Nov 15 OR the essential books should be provided as part of our course... besides, we are paying £9,000 a year. OR the library actually begin purchasing Ebooks so only one is needed to provide the whole class 24/7.
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