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Should we rename the Mathematics building after Alan Turing?

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Name of proposer:

Helena Mobin, Alicia Delargy and Louise Baldwin


What the idea is about:

My proposal is to rename the University of Leeds Mathematics building after the mathematician Alan Turing.


Why have you proposed it?:

Alan Turing has been recently placed back into the Spotlight with the release of the film ‘The Imitation Game’ and it made me realise what a small percentage of our generation are aware of Alan Turing and his effect on the Second World War and the subject of Mathematics.


I propose we rename the Mathematics Building because Alan Turing would be an exemplary role model for all students at the University of Leeds. Turing was a pioneer in the areas of Mathematics and Computer Science, a pivotal player in Cryptanalysis during the Second World War and a homosexual man at a time where this unfortunately was not accepted. The University of Leeds is a progressive community with a strong LGBT base and associating a building with an expert in his field and a symbol of hope for all those who suffer from unfair stigma would improve the University as a socially inclusive.


As a historical figure, Alan Turing has only recently been pardoned despite homosexuality being decriminalised in England 37 years ago. By naming a building after Turing, the University of Leeds would be helping to place him on the right side of history. The University would be giving its students a fantastic role model in many ways: academia, sexuality and bravery. A tribute to Turing would emphasise the University’s policy on tackling homophobia whilst giving its students an icon to aspire to and work towards. This idea may appeal to the Mathematical Society, Computing Society, LGBT Society and all students with an interest in history. I hope that this idea is carefully considered because I feel strongly that it would benefit the University and its students greatly.




Peter Clark
12:29am on 1 Feb 15 honestly Turing has no real connection to Leeds. University of Manchester, the Open University, Oxford Brookes University and Aarhus University all have buildings named after him. I don't think it would be appropriate.
Alexandra Robinson
8:18pm on 30 Jan 15 Yes, yes, yes. Finally, Alan Turing is starting to get the recognition he deserves. A shame that posthumous honours can't make up for the shameful way in which we treated a national hero.
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