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Should we subsidise or discount for (childcare) bright beginning?

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Name of proposer:

Andri Mardiah


What the idea is about:

I want university put more attention on international student who bring family, especially children by giving or create subsidy rate/discount scheme in childcare (i.e bright beginnings).


Why have you proposed it?:

First, we are international student paid far higher rate than UK student. It means that the facilities and support that the university must also consider be good for us.

Second, most of international student, either master student or PhD would surely bring family to UK during the study, don't ask why, but perhaps mostly because we our culture consider family should united with spirit of togetherness. Third, International student will surely choose university that care with them in essential things. Losing the opportunity to gather their sympathy in terms of many facilities will make University of Leeds lose opportunity to increase income in the future from international student enrolment.



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