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Student Finance and Fees Scam Alert

Student Advice has received reports of two separate scams relating to fees and finance.  Protect yourself by following safety advice at, and

What to watch out for:

Scam 1: schemes offering a 50% discount or similar off your tuition fees if you pay through an agent, who may claim to be from the University of Leeds.  In reality, this is a scam to get your money. 

For students starting in 2012 and paying the higher fees, there is a package of support including fees discounts:  If you are offered a fees discount, make sure it is a genuine offer from the University of Leeds.  If you decide to pay yourself, rather than through Student Finance, ensure you are paying directly to the University.  Contact the University's Accounts Receivable team on 0113 343 6055 or to check.

If you have been approached by someone offering this service, or have paid your fees to an agent, contact Student Advice on or by visiting us on the first floor of the Union building.  You can also report it to Action Fraud on their website here:

Scam 2: emails that appear to be from Student Finance asking for your bank account, login or personal details.  They can look genuine, but are actually fradulant phishing emails. 

Clicking on links will take you to a fake website and entering your details will compromise the security of your personal information and finances. 

If you receive one, forward it to and delete it.  If you enter your details by accident, change your account password and report it to Student Finance immediately on

Phishing emails are ones which:

  • Tell you your loan installment could be cancelled or delayed because of unvalidated details
  • Ask you to provide or update your bank account/login details
  • Ask you to click on a link, download an attachment or reply with your details

They tend to come around September, January and April when loan installments are due. 

If you are worried about this or anything else to do with your student finance, you can contact the Student Advice Centre by calling 0113 3801 290, emailing or coming in to see us on the first floor between 9.30am and 5pm on weekdays.


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