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Travel Survey Results

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The Student Advice Centre conducted a survey to find out how our part time students are affected by travel costs. A big thank you to all the students who filled it in. Here are a few of the key results:

32% of students who responded said that they live in Leeds but they live outside the ringroad and nearly 40% don't live in Leeds at all. As many companies do not offer deals for mature or part time students, travel costs can be difficult to manage. The CityBus links the University with the train station and is 50p or free if you have certain other passes. If you do live within the ringroad, the nightbus can be a great way to get home for a pound. We do have some money saving tips on our website but we're always looking for more so please share your tips in the comments.

Nearly 45% said that they were very concerned about their travel costs with 63% saying that travel costs were a large portion of their outgoings. If you are concerned about how much of your income you spend on travel, please see our budgeting pages to get a clear picture of your financial situation. 

Many students mentioned that parking on campus is difficult and parking around campus can be expensive. You could try car sharing and there are websites like WYCarShare that aim to facilitate this. The Velocampus scheme for hiring bikes may be another alternative. 

The Student Advice Centre is continuing to review the responses from the survey to see how we can support part time students further. If you have any suggestions or experiences you would like to share you can comment at the bottom of this article, tweet us @LUUAdvice, or email us. 

Thanks once again to everyone who participated in this survey. 



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