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What to look out for with Content's Insurance

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Things to look for with Contents Insurance

Organising contents insurance can be a complicated and involved procedure but if you don’t have it you might wind up regretting it later. It is much easier to spend the time making sure you have the right policy rather than trying to find the money to replace items that have been stolen.

Many different insurers offer contents insurance and they all have different policies. It can be quite difficult to see which one is the right one for you and what exactly is covered by the policy.

Key things to watch out for:

  • Some halls and private accommodation include contents insurance so check if you’re already covered and what is included in the policy.
  • Some items are not covered as standard. This can include expensive jewellery, laptops and phones. These may need to be added-on as an additional premium to the policy.

Situations in which you may not be covered:

  • Items stolen when you are not at home
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage to sports equipment during use
  • Outside of term time if your home is empty for an extended period of time
  • If you are living in shared accommodation
  • If you don’t have a lock on your bedroom door or the lock does not comply with the policy
  • Walk-in theft (i.e. if someone forgets to lock the front door)

These can be added on as an additional premium but it’s best to make sure you know in advance what is and is not covered so you’re prepared for every eventuality.

How to get the right contents insurance:

  • Shop around for the best deal
  • Read the policy wording carefully so you know what is covered

And remember, having contents insurance does not mean you won’t be a victim of crime. Check out the LUU safety campaign Knowledge and register your valuables on Immobilise.

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