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Any student can submit an Idea to change the Union, University or City of Leeds. All submitted ideas go to a forum meeting to be decided on. If the student panel can't reach 75% consensus either way, a campus-wide vote will decide.

Latest Ideas

On this page you'll find all the ideas going to the next forums, as well as the outcomes of recent forums.

The next forums will take place in January/February 2018, all in the Pyramid Theatre from 5.30-7.30pm;

  • Monday 29th January - Better Union
  • Tuesday 30th January - Better University
  • Thursday 1st February - Better Leeds

How do the forums work?

At the forums, a panel of 16 randomly selected students will decide whether these ideas will make the Union, University or City of Leeds better. At each forum will be representatives who will communicate the views of the students they represent. Find out more here.

Autumn (November) Forum Agendas


Outcomes from the Autumn (November) Forums

We also had three ideas make their way to referendum in December, unfortunately none were quorate (1,500 votes);

Should we allow snacks in the library?

  • Total Votes: 89
  • For: 65
  • Against: 23
  • Abstentions: 1


Should LUU campaign for a transition to zero-emissions buses in Leeds?

  • Total Votes: 81
  • For: 65
  • Against: 10
  • Abstentions: 6


Should LUU lobby student accommodation providers in Leeds to offer laundry credits included in rent?

  • Total Votes: 80
  • For: 59
  • Against: 10
  • Abstentions: 11


If you have an opinion on any of these Ideas, tell your rep to ensure your views are considered at the forum.






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