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Any student can submit an Idea to change the Union, University or City of Leeds. All submitted ideas go to a forum meeting to be decided on. If the student panel can't reach 75% consensus either way, a campus-wide vote will decide.

Latest Ideas

On this page you'll find all the ideas going to the next forums, as well as the outcomes of recent forums.

How do the forums work?

At the forums, a panel of 16 randomly selected students will decide whether these ideas will make the Union, University or City of Leeds better. At each forum will be representatives who will communicate the views of the students they represent. Find out more here.

Ideas going to the Nov Forums

Outcomes from the October Forums

Ideas from 2014/15

Outcomes from the May Forums

Outcomes from the February Forums

Ideas for a better Union

Should LUU encourage Leadership Race candidates to run paper-free campaigns?

The title of this idea was changed to 'Should LUU limit the use of paper used in the Leadership candidates' campaigns?' This idea was passed by the student panel. 12:2 (Yes:No).

Should The Gryphon editor be given the same coverage as other leadership candidates again?

This idea was contentious with the student panel and the vote was split. This idea will go to a campus-wide vote. 7:7 (Yes:No).

Should the union do Earth Hour?

The title of this idea was changed to 'Should LUU campaign to encourage students at the University of Leeds to take part in Earth Hour and for the union to take part to the best of their ability?' This idea was passed by the student panel. 13:1 (Yes:No).

Should the exec title Equality and Diversity Officer be changed to Equality and Inclusion Officer?

The title of this idea was changed to 'Should the exec title "Equality and Diversity Officer" be changed to "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer"? This idea was contentious and the idea will go to referendum. 9:5 (Yes:No).




If you have an opinion on any of these Ideas, tell your rep to ensure your views are considered at the forum.






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