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Leeds University Union

Working with External Organisations Policy


We regularly work with external organisations.  In order to protect our students and our reputation we have a policy that codifies who should come onto campus and how activity is managed by the Union, inclusive of:

·         Advertisers

·         Exhibitors

·         Tenants and other lease holders

·         Advertising agencies

·         Recruitment agencies

·         Sales promotions

·         Experiential marketing agencies

·         Associations and partners

·         Emergency Services’ Information and Campaigns


Our policy comprises 3 areas:

·         Union policy that has an impact on who we should be doing business with

·         Our duty of care to students (welfare and ethical concerns)

·         Protecting the Union’s commercial income so that we continue to generate profits that can be used to make sure that students love their time in Leeds.


Leeds University Union Policy

1.         LUU will make sure that our business is directed by ideas passed by Union Forums and/or students voting in Referenda and interpreted by the Student Executive Committee.


2.         LUU will make sure that our business is directed by our core values of fun, quality, equality, responsibility and democracy.


3.         Where LUU works with external organisations who offer similar services as the University of Leeds we will consult with colleagues at the University of Leeds before taking a provisional booking.

                                      i.      Graduate recruitment / job fairs – we will consult with the Careers Office

                                     ii.      Volunteering / Charity projects – we will consult with Access and Community Engagement

                                   iii.      Housing advice – we will consult and work within the framework supplied by Unipol and Residential and Commercial Services.

                                  iv.      Welfare, counselling or advocacy – we will consult with colleagues within the Student Support Network.


4.         Based on welfare and Ethical concerns LUU have a duty of care to make sure that we do not allow the following industries, companies, groups or products to advertise in LUU:

                         i.        Tobacco companies

                        ii.        Casinos and gambling companies/websites

                      iii.        Housing agents deemed unacceptable by the Student Advice Centre

                     iv.        Companies with student employment practices deemed unacceptable by the Student Advice Centre

                  v.            Credit Cards/ Quick Credit Websites e.g. Wonga

                     vi.        Arms Companies (Excluding artistic/recreational weapons which are to be determined by Activities Exec on a case by case basis)

                    vii.        Strip clubs

                  viii.        Companies that test on animals for non-medical purposes

                      ix.        Opportunities for medical testing

                        x.        Jobs that are paid on a commission only basis

                      xi.        All essay proofreading, checking and writing services.

                     xii.        Groups that fall out of line with our no platform policy

               xiii.            Clubs seeking alcohol company sponsorship must raise issues with Dev' Co first.


5.         Any landlord or agent wishing to advertise or attend LUU events must comply with the following:

                         i.          They must be a full registered member of the Unipol Code for at least 12 months* or

                        ii.          Be a full member of the ANUK larger development code for at least 12 months*

                      iii.          LUU Student Advice must have:-

a.      No current significant outstanding issues of casework/concerns with the landlord or agent.

b.      No issues of significant concerns/casework within the past 12 months.

Significant casework relates to:

·            A high number of complaints

·            Complaints of a serious nature .e.g. harassment, breach of student safety, breach of student welfare, illegal eviction.

·            Complaints which the landlord or agent are consistently not rectifying.

Significant concerns relate to:

·            Business/management practices that fail to comply with legislation (e.g. non protection of deposits, failure to apply for HMO licence)

·            Business/management practices that could be deemed unreasonable and/or detrimental to the tenant group

·            Refusal or failure to work or engage in constructive communication in a professional manner with Student Advice staff.


Additional notes*

LUU reserves the right to increase the number of years of full code membership required depending on the promotion/event occurring.  Currently:-

·         Landlord Fair requires 3 years full membership

·         Advertising on Student Advice website requires 3 years full membership


6.       Any activity relating to alcohol or licensed premises will comply with the Union’s Alcohol and Licensing Policy.

7.       All activity will be conducted within University of Leeds’ policy on Risk Assessment and Health and Safety guidelines, with individual method statements and Risk Assessments prepared where required.

8.         All activity will be conducted within the University of Leeds’ Event Booking Procedures and will be appropriately supervised by a capable Union representative.

9.         LUU will consult the academic and examinations calendar when large scale events are planned.

10.     LUU will exercise judgement over the regularity of activity to ensure balance.  This will be at the discretion of the Union’s Chief Executive.

11.     LUU will ensure that students have the right to freedom of expression.

12.     When a bar or club becomes a sponsor of an event or advertises in the Union the following procedure must be followed:

                                      i.      They are not a direct competitor to any of LUU’s bars and club nights

                                     ii.      The advert does not link alcohol with seduction, sex or social success

                                   iii.      The advert does not link alcohol with irresponsible, anti-social, tough or daring behaviour

                                  iv.      The advert does not show alcohol being served irresponsibly

                                    v.      The advert does not show people drinking and behaving in an adolescent or juvenile way or reflecting the culture of people under 18 years old

                                  vi.      The bar or clubs follows all LUU’s procedure of best practice

                                 vii.      LUU’s bars and venues manager must be informed of the advert

                               viii.      The advert will comply with Leeds University Union’s Alcohol and Licensing Policy

                                   ix.      The advert does not include any drinks promotions

                                     x.      The advert is in line with our Body Beautiful Policy


13.     LUU tenants will be approved by the Board of Trustees and Student Executive Committee.  Tenants will be required to produce a formal list of their products and services for approval before leases are signed.


14.     Final decision on working with external organisations who offer services or products that are similar to or in competition with those already offered by the Union or our tenants lies with the discretion of the Union Affairs Officer. 


15.     External charities will be charged a charity rate to advertise in the Union. Students independent of an external charity will be considered on a case by case basis to have a stall in the Union. Individual students will be prompted to visit the RAG coordinator.


Student Activity Groups Policy

Leeds University student activity groups will follow the LUU sponsorship policy for clubs and societies. 

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