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Sponsorship Policy

LUU encourages all activity groups to find sponsorship to increase their capacity and develop their activities. The primary responsibility for finding and drawing up sponsorship deals is on the club or society itself. There will be no overall sponsor for LUU, as this would severely limit the efforts of clubs to maximise their sponsorship potential.


There is a ban for all clubs on attaining sponsorship from the following types of companies:


Welfare; where sponsorship jeopardizes the welfare of members:
            - Tobacco companies
            - Casinos and gambling companies/websites
            - Housing agents deemed unacceptable by the Student Advice Centre
            - Companies with employment practices deemed unacceptable by the SAC
            - Credit Cards

Ethical; where sponsorship compromises values:
            - Arms companies
            - Tobacco companies
            - Strip clubs
            - Companies that test on animals for non-medical purposes

There is no blanket ban on commercial companies – including restaurants, bars, pubs and shops – except for when the company compromises the above categories. 

The Role of LUU

This policy recognises the constant change of club leadership on a year-on-year basis, and that those leading their club may have no experience of sponsorship policies. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of LUU – primarily the Activities Officer and Development Coordinators – to support the clubs in their efforts:

1)      The provision of relevant training each year to the incoming club committee members.

2)      The capability for club committee members involved in sponsorship to arrange private meetings throughout the year to discuss more focused issues in their sponsorship arrangements.

3)      The provision of a service where sponsorship contracts can be looked at by someone with relevant experience, and any areas of concern can be raised.

If a club is seeking sponsorship from a company that may contravene the above restrictions, they should approach their Development Coordinator or the Activities Officer and explain their reasons as to why they feel the sponsorship should be allowed. If the issue is not clear-cut, the case should be presented to the Activities Executive, who will vote on the final decision.

If a club is seeking sponsorship from a club that a Development Coordinator or the Activities Officer deems to contravene the above restrictions, they can request that club to explain their reasons. Again, the final decision over whether the sponsorship deal can proceed lies in the hands of the Activities Executive.


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