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Any student can submit an Idea to change the Union, University or City of Leeds. All submitted ideas go to a forum meeting to be decided on. If the student panel can't reach 75% consensus either way, a campus-wide vote will decide.

Any student can submit their Idea at any time of year. Depending on the aims of your Idea, it will go to one of three forums: Better Union, Better University or Better Leeds.

You will be invited to the relevant forum to discuss your Idea. If your Idea is approved it will become Union policy. That means the leaders of your Union, the Student Exec, will work to implement your idea with the help of other students.

There are three groups of people at each forum, each with their own role in the decision-making process:


As the Idea submitter, you’ll be asked to attend to explain why you think it’s a good idea


Each forum is attended by relevant reps. They'll relay other students' views on your idea.

Student panel

A randomly selected panel of 16 students will listen, ask questions, and decide whether to approve or reject your idea.

The panel must reach a three-quarters majority either for or against your idea. If they can’t, the Idea will go to a campus-wide vote. This gives all students the opportunity to have their say on contentious issues.

Submit your Idea

1. Tell us about you


Things to remember:

  • You'll need to attend a forum meeting to explain your Idea
  • If your Idea is approved we will work to make it happen
  • Rejected Ideas can't be submitted again within the same academic year
  • It is Union policy to remain neutral on issues of international conflict
  • You can email us if you need any help with the process

2. Tell us about your idea


Combined word limit of the 'what' and 'why' descriptions is 400.

3. Submit your Idea

I confirm that I am a current student at the University of Leeds

I have read all the information on this page.


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