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What is a Hall Exec?

Every residence at Leeds University has a group of elected students called a Hall Exec. They're there to make your year in halls one of the best of your life.



The President of your Hall of Residence acts as a representative of the students in each Hall and represents their views to the Better Leeds Forum. Find out more


How to contact your Hall Exec?

To ask your Hall Execu about upcoming events, or to get involved please contact To contact a committee directly go to their page below!


Find out more about your Hall Exec

Use the links below for more information about what the Hall Exec in your hall have done in the past.


Find out about Sport in your Hall

Inter Halls Sport provides 1st year students with the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities throughout your first year at University. Teams will gain points which go towards the Inter Hall Shield and Plate competitions which are awarded at the at the end of year Awards Ceremony during Celebrate Week! Find out more about who your sports reps are, where your hall is in the league or how to sign up here.


Find out more by emailing

Opportunities Office
Email address Email Lydia at
Phone number 0113 380 1324atest Hall Exec News.
If you need help regarding your club and society, the Development Coordinators, who work in the Union's ARC (the Activities and Resource Centre), provide support, advice and help with all student activities. Each Development Coordinator is responsible for a different group of activities. Find out who your Development Coordinator is!
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